Some Target Gift Cards I Collect
Paul Pereira

I usually walk up to the counter and pick one of these gift cards up then slip it into either my back pocket or jacket pocket. I haven't been arrested yet.


Some of these gift cards are very cool. For example: the Rubber Ducky gift card seems to be made out of rubber material. The Snowglobe one has confetti inside it you can actually shake. The Rudolph the Reindeer's nose actually lights up when you press the button it has on the backside. The Card with the Monkey & the Bananas actually smells like bananas. There is also the Mood card that changes color when you touch it.

These are some of the really cool cards they make at Target. I've been collecting them now for 2 years. But I am very selective because they do have what I consider cliched gift cards. These are chosen because they stood out to me for one reason or another. Next time you get to go to a Target check out the gift cards around the register.