The Spine of a 3-Ring Binder
Ann Whitehurst

This is where we finally found my keys after spending all day looking for them and thinking about whether we should change out the locks on the house and wondering if our car was going to get stolen.

If it was still just my husband and I in the house, we would've found the keys fairly quickly. But since we have a 13-month-old who likes to play with our stuff and leave it in weird places, we had to search the entire house...the spice cabinet, behind the radiators, in the pantry, etc. I had given up hope... and my back and knees were sore from bending over to look into every crevice I could find. Then around 10:30 tonight, my husband walks downstairs holding the keys. My son had dropped them into the spine of one of the binders (that rarely gets used) in my husband's office.

My son is now asleep and I'm drinking a beer to celebrate.