An Air Conditioner & Marshmallows
Mark Sanders

Although I've never been a cashier, I have always thought it would be fun to criticize the odd assemblage of goods each person purchases. I imagine sometimes you would find the makings of a meal or a party, but other times the basket full of purchases would appear more disconnected or even sinister. Often I don't pay too much attention to the person in front of me, but occasionally some break in checkout routine catches my eye.

Last night as I was about to check out from my local Eckerd drugstore, I noticed a huge box in front of me; far more substantial than a the average greeting card, breath mints or nicotine gum. An over eager manager opened a new line to express them through checkout, but that meant the two middle eastern men had to heave their appliance even further. Once placed on the counter, the writing on the box foretold its contents: one (1) 5,000 BTU Haier brand air conditioner.

The manager helped find and scan the barcode and the cashier called out a total price. But "Wait!" they exclaimed, and set another item on top of the box: a 10oz. package of marshmallows, jumbo sized.

A new total was called out and the men produced six $20 bills. Change was given and then the men, air conditioner and marshmallows were gone into the warm summer night.

So that begs the question, who buys an air conditioner and marshmallows...from a drug store? And why?

And for the record, I bought rubber cement and a 20oz. Coke.