Someone Who Never Fails in Exceeding Expectations
Sandie Maxa

Our firm received a resume the other day from a young "Usability Specialist/Researcher" The problem... we couldn't tell what the person uses and how that is special. Perhaps one of the worst cover letters sent to a graphic design firm that I have ever read follows...

Hello, my name is [name deleted]. I am a highly talented Usability Professional with extensive experience in research and development in the high-tech industry.

I have proven abilities based on my strategic vision and leadership
skills. This is clearly demonstrated over my already remarkable
career history. I unmistakably have the ability to focus on both
broad organizational strategies and specific detailed goals. This
progressive experience, coupled with my education and natural
leadership abilities, makes me a desirable candidate for this
position. I am known as someone who never walks away from a
challenge and, furthermore, someone who never fails in exceeding

I am also an innovative professional who has excelled in multifaceted
environments due to my diverse experience. Coupled with my proven
track record and technical acumen, I will certainly be a valuable

I'm very excited to hear from you and have the opportunity to further
discuss my qualifications in an interview. Please contact me at your
earliest convenience; you can reach me by phone at [phone number deleted], or e-mail me at whubwa@[address deleted].