Imaginary Friends
Sandie Maxa

I have fond memories of my imaginary friend, Workaschmizer. Although I made him up, he was somewhat of an enigma. A permanent resident of my closet, he looked like a black blob. He had a voice and and lively personality but no discernable form. He wasn't really a person... more like an energy field.

In the February 2005 issue of Harpers Magazine, there was an article describing the imaginary friends of six- and seven- year olds. The information was compiled for a study published in the November issue of Developmental Psychology.

Here are some of my favorites from the list.

Rose: Invisible female squirrel, nine years old, brown fur and hazel eyes, lives in a tree in the yard, sleeps in her imaginary house.

Skateboard Guy: Invisible eleven-year-old boy who lives in child's pocket, wears cool shirts and has a fancy skateboard, can do lots of tricks on his skateboard, likes to see how fast the child can run.

Sgt. Savage: G.I. Joe doll who is sometimes an invisible person, 100 years old, Band-Aid on forehead, wears boxer gloves, hair is white-brown, wears pilot jacket. Child likes his shotgun, dislikes his face.

Simpy: Invisible eight-year old girl, blue skin and black eyes, three feet tall, wears funny clothes.