A Change in the Calendar
Mark Sanders

I've never been much of a prankster when it comes to April 1. But I have been on the receiving side a couple of times. Although as I think back only one such incident comes to mind: the break-up.

Matters of the heart have always impacted me with particular pain. There have been family weekends away during Junior High after a Friday night love connection that damn near blew my chest out. And anxious waits for the phone to ring from a current sweetheart was how I spent lots of evening while adolescent. So imagine my horror when I received a note saying that a long standing 'going steady' was over. And for no reason.

Panic ensued. Followed by doubts. And then total deflation.

But a delayed confrontation gave me my answer: it was all a great big underwear pull in the honor of April 1. Oh, we laughed and I looked stupid but the only thing that remains from that relationship is the memory of her awful trick.

Have a happy April 1.