Ann Whitehurst

Over 30.
Married to an architect.
Has one child, a 1-yr-old boy.
Studied architecture.
Previous job: project manager at an ad agency.
Current job: stay-at-home-mom.
Lives in a 1917 house.
Drives a Subaru Forester.
What I had for dinner tonight: pizza w/spinach and pistachios.
Coolest place I've ever been: thermal baths in Vals, Switzerland.
Favorite TV show: 24.
Favorite type of music: rap, especially Kool Keith.
Recent movie I really liked: Napoleon Dynamite.
Recent movie I thought was really stupid: Dodgeball.
I hate thongs.
I like jeans.
I can still do a backbend.
Favorite beer: Blue Moon Belgian White Ale on tap in a really cold glass with an
orange slice.