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Ann Whitehurst

A few weeks ago, Mark shared a link that tells one how bypass all the automated BS when trying to contact various corporations and actually speak to a person.

My husband placed an order a couple days ago and was notified that there was a problem with the credit card and the order wouldn't go through. So he called his credit card company and was repeatedly "kicked out" because he was told his mother's maiden name that he was giving was not valid. He tried going into different departments, but nothing worked. He was pissed. Luckily, his credit card company was found on the link that Mark shared. So my husband tried the strange combination of numbers, pauses, and symbols that was listed on the website and actually got through to a person (thanks, Mark!).

He then found out that the credit company had misspelled his mother's maiden name in their files.

I think he's going to write a letter of complaint to the company about how ridiculously difficult it was to reach a real person.