Ann Whitehurst

Last night we were watching some late-night TV when we heard a woman scream in the distance.

We looked out our window to see if we could see where it was coming from, but didn't see anything. Then a couple minutes later a woman is frantically beating on our door for help. It scared the shit out of me. I immediately ran to the phone and called 911. We didn't open the door right then because who knows what was going on outside our door. My husband let her know through the window that we called for help. After a couple minutes, we opened the door and gave the woman a towel with some ice for her puffy lip and waited with her. She said she was walking down the street and her boyfriend followed her and kicked her in the face. He actually followed her up to our door as she ran looking for help, but luckily ran off. (Thank goodness we didn't open the door immediately.) He was already on probation for beating her up. Gee. Some "boyfriend".